Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can affect up to 14% of the population within a 12 month period, according to Sane Australia. Anxiety symptoms can be very difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. Accessing a psychologist can help you to manage these symptoms and allow you to live with less anxiety in your life. Professional … Read more

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in children can quite easily go unnoticed, with well-meaning parents often dismissing anxious symptoms as a ‘stage’. Childhood is often viewed by the general population as an incredibly happy time in one’s life, irreplaceable and generally, stress-free, especially in comparison to the daily stress of adult life! However, this is not the case for … Read more

Anxiety in OCD

In a person with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) anxiety is built up when obsessive and often disturbing thoughts, impulses or images intrude into their mind and cause them distress. The anxiety increases as the thoughts continue to intrude and becomes unbearable for the person and they feel they must do something to reduce their rising … Read more

Growing Pains: Your Child and Anxiety

The journey from childhood to adolescence can be a chaotic experience for both the parent and child, due to range of physical and emotional changes occurring throughout this period. The transition from primary to high school transpires shifting values, including increased importance of social relationships and a desire for greater independence. For some children, difficulty … Read more

Health Anxiety

Health anxiety refers to a high level of concern about one’s health. The most common symptoms of health anxiety are: Excessive worry about very small bodily changes Fear and dread when  these  bodily changes are noticed Stress and related bodily sensations, such as a racing heart Repeatedly visiting the doctor for reassurance that there is … Read more

7 Ways To Reduce Your Anxiety

Anxiety is probably more common than you think. In fact, it is the most common mental health disorder. Anxiety can be experienced in relation to something specific or a combination of many things. Did you know … Anxiety disorders affect 18% of women and 11% of men? (ABS, 2007) Common Symptoms of Anxiety feeling irritable or … Read more

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