Family Counselling

We understand that families are complex and come in many different shapes and sizes. Life events can often trigger family problems and conflict.

Family counselling can help you and your family members to

  • start a conversation that might feel too difficult to have without assistance
  • identify unhelpful patterns that keep the problem happening
  • find new tools to resolve family conflict
  • find mediation
  • be heard in a safe environment
  • grow stronger as a family

Our family counselling service provides the opportunity for families to come together to try to resolve conflict, improve communication and allow each family member to be heard.

Vision Counselling and Psychology offers –

  • Multiple Perth locations – Perth City, Scarborough, Midland, Rockingham
  • No waiting lists
  • After hours counselling appointments

Why family counselling?

Family Counselling works with the belief that no matter what the origin of the problem, or whether it is regarded as an individual or family issue, getting the family involved in the solution finding process will benefit everyone.

It will often provide the family with a sustainable change as it focuses on the family’s own resources and strengths to help them negotiate through difficult times now and in the future.

Family Counselling is not about blaming anyone; it is about working together and helping each other.

How family counselling can help

Family Counselling can help by having a conversation where there usually would have been silence, raised voices or accusations.

It provides an opportunity to come together as a whole family and use that time to create something that you would all like to achieve. Common goals are essential. Your Family Counsellor can help you to identify these goals and together you can look at the strategies and ways that you can achieve these.

Family counselling techniques

Whilst some techniques may be part of a counsellor’s work or tool box, it is not set in stone which one tool, if any will be useful to you and your family because your family and situation are unique. Therefore the most important “technique” your Family Counsellor will use is to provide a safe environment where all family members have a voice and can be heard.

Looking for patterns in family interactions and relationships which may help keep the problem continuing is an essential part of a Family Counsellors work.

Questions are the Family Counsellors main tool to help everyone understand the situation better and possibly gain another perspective or viewpoint that opens up new ways of relating, acting and reacting in a less problematic manner.

What to expect from family counselling

We understand that coming for a family counselling appointment can sometimes feel daunting for those involved. Our family therapists will do their very best to make it as comfortable as possible for you and your family members.

Family counselling offers a balanced, non-judgmental space for exploring family dynamics, the role each member has within the family system and the recognition and validation of each members needs.

Family counselling appointments last for 90 minutes which will enable each of you enough time to be heard and start the therapy process.

We are here to support you. We will guide not lead. We are looking forward to meeting you and to starting the journey together.

This service is available for 2-5 family members.

Contact us today for help to resolve issues with family counselling or find out further information on individual counselling.

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