4 Tips for Finding the Most Suitable Couples Therapist

  1. Get Recommendations and Referrals
  2. Use A Reliable Online Database
  3. Look For Therapists Who Specialize In Couples Therapy
  4. Do Your Part: Set Your Goals

Working through relationship problems can be difficult at times and these problems can lead you to feeling anxious, unsafe and angry.

In such cases, we can refer to professionals like couples therapists to help us work through these feelings.

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Having a healthy, stable, and engaging relationship is every couple’s goal and couples therapy can play a big role in helping couples achieve that.

This is why many couples are seeking relationship counselling to help them but at the same time, there are some things to be aware of when deciding from whom you plan on seeking therapy. 

Here we have listed 4 tips to help you find the most suitable couples therapist, to guide you and your partner, on your journey together. 

1. Get Recommendations and Referrals

Asking friends, family, and doctors you know who the best couples therapist to go to is.

Asking around would not only help you add names that people have vouched for, but will also help you get an understanding of what couples therapy is.

It is also highly recommended to ask a doctor you visit periodically or you trust such as your OBGYN, physician, or paediatrician for recommendations for a couples therapist. This will help you find more verified therapists. 

The thing to keep in mind is that even though you have gotten these referrals from individuals you trust, they still might not be suitable for your needs as a couple. Their needs might be different and the sort of process you want might not be achievable with the therapist who was referred to you.

2. Use A Reliable Online Database

Quite a few organizations dedicated to mental health keep a periodically updated database of registered therapists. You could utilize their tool easily by going to their websites and just typing your post code and it will provide a list of therapists in your area and it will allow you to choose specialists as well such as therapists who deal with marriage or couples therapy. 

Here are two of the frequently used sites to find therapists:

3. Look For Therapists Who Specialize In Couples Therapy

When looking for the right therapist you need to find the one who has training and experience with the problems you as a couple are facing.

There are many types of specialized therapists such as those with training in dealing with PTSD for war veterans or those dealing with victims of sexual abuse, and since the therapy you want is for you and your partner as a couple, you should be specifically looking for a therapist who specializes in this area. 

Many therapists are known to take on couples for therapy without having any training or experience and that usually doesn’t make for good healing. Not all are trained to handle couples therapy, and even if they are trained it might not have been supervised by a registered therapist of that specialization to ensure proper use of technique and interventions to allow for the best positive change. 

It is also key to seek out professionals who understand how you function in relationships and essence suitable for you without you having to educate them on your terminology or your general understanding. This includes individuals who are non-monogamous, non-cis gendered, or a part of a marginalized minority.

There are specialists who do couples therapy for individuals who are in FIFO (fly in fly out) relationships, an open relationship, or any other polyamorous relationship. 

4. Do Your Part: Set Your Goals

Another tip, before you interview your potential therapist is to interview yourself and your partner.

Ask yourselves as to what is that you want to accomplish through therapy and how do you want to go about it. This will help set a baseline of your wants so that you can see whether both of you and your counsellor are on the same page.

Having this understanding of what goals you want to achieve, or the problems you would like to overcome can helps you to find the right relationship counsellor. 

Considering the COVID climate, if you do not want or can’t leave your residence then ask if they have options for online therapy too.

These 4 tips lay down what you need to get started to find the most suitable couples therapist for you and your partner. This will help you to get the help you need to have a good, healthy, and stable relationship that is nurturing and provides a safe space for you both.

If you would like further information on Perth couples therapy or help to find a couples therapist, contact us today.

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