Grief Counselling

Grief Counselling

Grief is an inevitable emotional response to the loss of a loved one. This inescapable feeling weighs heavily on both our physical and mental health and can manifest through a range of different emotions, including

  • Sadness
  • Shock or numbness
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Fatigue or constant tiredness
  • Frustration and even
  • Depression

People who go through this experience bounce between soothing thoughts like “He had a good life” to troubling ones like “It wasn’t his time”, or even beating themselves up and holding themselves accountable by blaming themselves and wishing they could have done more.

While many of us tend to learn how to resolve or manage grief ourselves, for others, such emotions can linger on and negatively impact their lives. This is where grief counselling comes in. It serves as a means to help people navigate the grief process.

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What is grief counselling?

Grief counselling (otherwise known as grief and loss or bereavement) is specially designed to help individuals, families, and children cope with the loss of a loved one in a healthy way. During such sessions, grief counsellors actively listen to what an individual is going through while focusing on which stage of grief they are at and then help them develop coping strategies and techniques.

In addition, counsellors also provide a safe avenue for people to discuss their feelings and emotions to assist the grieving process. So if you or anyone you know is experiencing grief, bereavement or loss or even exhibiting any of the following issues, then perhaps it is wise to consider the option of grief counselling:

  • Facing difficulties in managing daily tasks 
  • Feeling overwhelmed with guilt or depression
  • Having trouble with your sleep cycle, eating, going to work or even carrying on with your daily life
  • If you notice grief is causing problems in your relationships and other social activities

Luckily, today you can find several organisations in Australia that can help you navigate your loss and offer grief support and grief counselling. Some of these include:

Grief Counselling Online

Opting for online grief counselling is a great alternative to the traditional means of getting help. Whether you feel discomfort in the face-to-face interaction or have financial or even time limitations, if regular grief counselling is not an option for you, then perhaps you should consider grief counselling online. 

Online grief counselling is a form of counselling available through telehealth. Compared to traditional therapy, it is more easily accessible for anyone undergoing grief and bereavement. Today many people opt for online grief counselling due to its anonymity and flexibility. Not only this, but today there are many different types of online grief counselling that one can choose from. Some of these include:

  • Video call sessions
  • Online Chats 
  • Therapy apps
  • Support groups and forums

What therapy helps with grief?

Deciding to start grief counselling is not an easy one especially when you’re overwhelmed by grief. Moreover, since we all tend to experience grief differently, similarly there are several different therapies to help you process grief. What works with one individual may not work well with another. Today some of the most promising grief counselling therapies include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Traumatic Grief Therapy
  • Complicated Grief Therapy (CGT)
  • Group therapy
  • Art therapy (designed mainly for children)
  • Play therapy (designed mainly for children)

While each of these techniques is equally effective on its own, in many instances, a counsellor may use a combination of these and more grief therapy tools and techniques to obtain a more effective outcome. 

Grief and Loss Counselling near me

Grief and loss present a very difficult time in anyone’s life; you don’t necessarily have to go through it alone. Try reaching out to Vision Counselling and Psychology and their team of professional body of counsellors accredited by the Australian Counselling Association and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. You can call us Monday to Friday or book an appointment here and choose a grief and loss counsellor to help from one of their seven offices across Perth and WA.

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