Help with Grief

Help with Grief

Death is an inevitable part of life, yet the gift of a being’s life seems to bring us so much joy that we forget mortality as a fact.

This is a good thing as the love, appreciation and sense of connection we experience with a significant other is what contributes to giving our life a sense of meaning.

It is important to point out that grief can extend beyond the death of a person. People can mourn the loss of pets, jobs, moving to a new city, social or career roles and the breakup of relationships, as these all significantly influence the ways in which we live our lives.

Help with Grief

The grieving process can be viewed as an adjustment period, adapting to a new life without that person.

The impact can catch us by surprise as we may not have previously realised the contribution of a being’s life.

It can affect us in different ways, with each person coping with grief in their own unique way.

It’s been said before but it is crucial to say it again:


With that being said, there are some strategies and mechanisms that have been found to be more effective than others.

Help with Grief

Vision Counselling and Psychology have collated some of our favourite resources for coping with grief and loss that we hope is of use to you during this difficult time.


This is a great website to exploring grief for those seeking a definition, symptoms or strategies to help either themselves or others. Lifeline is a trusted source of reliable information and even has its own helpline:  13 11 14

Beyond Blue

Similar to lifeline, Beyond Blue is another Aussie mental health organisation improving the lives of millions every day. It’s packed full of definitions, strategies and a clear distinction between coping with grief and living with depression is made. They too have a helpline, which you can ring on: 1300 22 4636

For those looking for blog posts, this is your one stop shop! This site integrates the impact of death into a range of topics, such as what to do when someone famous dies or managing grief during the festive season. even hosts a forum, for those who wish to anonymously blog their experiences, struggles and emotions

3 part series: grief and loss podcast

Aussie Podcaster, Rachel Kable has devised a 3-part series with the input from her loyal listeners! Packed full of coping strategies, Rachel delivers the advice within 10 minutes

Kids Helpline

Especially designed for those aged 5-25, Kids Helpline is an amazing resource for children, teens and young adults or those concerned about younger generations! Covering a range of issues, ranging from what to do when someone passes, to bullying or changes in the family, Kids Helpline is a free and anonymous service that can be accessed via their helpline, webchat or email

Mindfulness and Grief

A great blog covering topics such as grief support groups, self-love in a time of grief and meditation practices. For those who are after a short course, the eight week Mindfulness and Grief mediation course may be of great use to you. Devised by author of the book, Mindfulness and Grief, comes a practical approach that emphasises the importance of support during a time of loss.

Busting myths, exploring physical and emotional symptoms of the five stages of grief and what to do when grief won’t go away

The truth about grief

From author, Ruth Davis Konigsberg comes her blog – packed full of information about the relationship between grief and topics such as spirituality, obesity and resiliency. Her book is still available to buy for those who prefer hardcopy information

It’s okay not to be okay: Refuge in Grief

For those after podcasts, books, blog posts and online courses, you will find great pleasure in listening to the work of Megan Devine, author of the book, “It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay”. One of the top-rated grief and bereavement books, Megan a psychotherapist, explores what it means to grieve in a culture that does not always allow for the full process to carry out.

Love Never Dies

Struggling with what to say?  How to deal with grieving children? Curious about exploring the five stages of grief ? In a blog written by David Kessler, he worked alongside Elizabeth Koubler-Ross, who is regarded as a grief expert within the bereavement culture to devise a blog to compliment their bestselling book

Grief Counselling Perth

If you or someone you know is struggling with grief, please do not hesitate to book an appointment or contact Vision today.

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