Individual Counselling

Private counselling appointments for individuals are available from our offices throughout the Perth metro area and WA.

Counselling is confidential and non-judgmental.

Expert Counselling Services in Perth

Our team of experienced counsellors and psychologists in Perth provides support for a range of issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, addiction, and more. Whether you’re facing personal challenges or navigating life transitions, we’re here to help.

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Our Perth counsellors and psychologists can help you with

  • managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional problems
  • family and relationship issues
  • trauma you have experienced
  • substance misuse and other addictions
  • sexual abuse
  • domestic violence
  • eating disorders
  • career change and job stress
  • social and emotional difficulties related to disability and illness
  • adapting to life transitions
  • grief and the death of a loved one
  • the opportunity to discuss your concerns

A counsellor can assist you to find a clear pathway to move forward.

Vision Counselling and Psychology offers –

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What you should know about Private counselling Perth?

Private counselling practices in Perth generally provide counselling services to individuals and couples. Many private practices will offer a range of counselling options including individual counselling, relationship counselling and family therapy.

Private counselling services are available for people who are experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, addiction or trauma. They also provide services for people who are experiencing relationship problems or parenting challenges.

Some practices will also offer telehealth or online counselling sessions for people who live outside the Perth metropolitan area.

How much does therapy cost in Perth?

Therapy and counselling costs can vary significantly in Perth. Private practice fees can range anywhere from $80-$200 per session. Some practices and community service providers will have a sliding scale for lower income earners.

Therapy may also be accessible through your employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The cost of counselling through an EAP will be covered by your employer and counselling should remain confidential. If you are accessing a registered or clinical psychologist for therapy, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate, if you have been referred by your GP and have a Mental Health Care Plan. The Medicare rebate is not claimable for counselling. The Medicare rebate is claimable for psychology.

Is a psychotherapist better than a counsellor?

Counselling and psychotherapy are two different qualifications.

A counsellor is a trained professional who helps people with emotional and mental health concerns and seeks to help the individual find solutions and relief from emotion distress. Counselling will use talk therapy and may draw on different modalities and tools

According to the College of Psychotherapy ‘Psychotherapy is a holistic engagement that focuses on the mental, emotional, relational or spiritual health of a human being. The process of psychotherapy addresses symptom reduction in a person’s life. In addition, it goes further and addresses the causes of longstanding patterns, supporting improved functioning.’

Psychotherapy can be a more ‘long-term’ therapy process than counselling. Whether a psychotherapist or counsellor is better will be determined by the client’s circumstances and the client and therapist’s relationship and rapport with each other.

Find Out More About Individual Counselling …

Counselling for Individuals

Individual counselling is a process that can help you to identify solutions to problems and create goals to deal with factors in your life that are causing you emotional stress.

Seeking counselling can help you to process a difficult situation in your life. Trauma counselling can help you to come to terms with a traumatic event that you have experienced.

Everyone’s need for counselling is unique to them.

Seeking counselling in Perth with Vision Counselling and Psychology will enable you to find a qualified mental health professional who can assist you in dealing with emotional issues that may have been holding you back from experiencing a fuller and happier life.

Counselling Perth | Individual Counselling

What is individual counselling

Over a series of one-on-one sessions, individual counselling provides guidance in your life which can be relating to any issue you are experiencing with your mental health.

Counselling can help people to express their views, feel heard, and to gain new perspectives on their own situation and experiences.

A professional and trusted client/counselor relationship can empower individuals to accomplish mental health, education, wellness and career goals.

Individual counselling can help you to establish a healthier relationship with yourself which can have a positive affect on your overall mental health.

How counselling for mental health can help you

As issues and illnesses relating to mental health, such as anxiety and depression, are presented with significantly less stigma today than they once were. 

Mental health for general well-being is now a widely accepted part of an overall personal wellness plan.

Counselling for mental health provides you with tools that you can use to deal with challenges in life. Challenges can arise from your work or home life, as well as emotions which can be triggered by mental illness or traumatic events such as the passing of a loved one.

The right therapy for mental health can help you achieve confidence, feel more present in your everyday life and be able to handle and cope with the stresses that life can bring.

Counselling may help with your overall state of well-being where you can practice better self-care.

Choosing the best therapy for mental health

Finding the right counsellor to provide the best therapy for mental health is a process that is unique to you as an individual.

Our frequently asked questions page can help with discovering the things to look for in a counsellor or you can contact our team with any questions you might have prior to making your first appointment for counselling in Perth.

For those with restricted access to our therapy offices, confidential telehealth counselling services are also available.

All of our counsellors are professional members of the Australian Counselling Association or Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

Read MoreDo I Need Counselling?

How do I know if I need counselling?

There are many reasons why a person decides that they need counselling.
Everyone experiences difficult times at some point in their lives and these experiences can have a negative effect on our mental health.
Sometimes we just can’t move through these experiences alone as easily and quickly as we want to. Having extra support through counselling during these really tough times can be beneficial.
You may need counselling if –
1. something is concerning you on repeat
2. you are experiencing emotional pain and distress
3. you feel like you can’t cope
4. if you feel like your mental health is being negatively affected
then it may be a good idea to reach out to a counsellor and sound them out as to whether counselling could help you.

How many counselling sessions will I need?

The amount of counselling sessions you will need will depend on your particular situation.
During counselling you are likely to be setting goals with the counsellor or they may ask what you would like to achieve from coming to counselling. When the goals for therapy have been established, the counsellor may be able to give you a timeline and how often they believe it would be beneficial for you to attend (such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly).
As your situation improves you and your therapist may decide to end therapy.
Just remember that therapy is always there if you need it, so you can go back at a later date if you hit a rough patch or feel like you could do with some more support.

Should I see a counsellor or a psychologist?

Counsellors and psychologists often use similar techniques and these days it is common for both to have university level training.
Some counsellors and psychologists will specialise in different areas, such as family therapy or couples therapy. Your unique situation and need for therapy will be need to be taken into account when making a decision on who to see.
In Australia counsellors can not diagnose mental health disorders, although they may be able to recognise them and refer you appropriately. Psychologists can diagnose mental health disorders. All therapists should be referring you to an alternative therapist if they are unable to help you or believe it is in your best interests. So even if you book in with a counsellor and actually needed a psychologist for mental health diagnosis, the counsellor should be able to refer you to the right professional for treatment.
The best thing to do if you are unsure, is to contact the therapist or practice, give them a little bit of background information (that you feel comfortable with) and ask them which therapist would be best to see.

Do I need a referral for counselling?

The good news is that you do not need a referral for counselling. You can easily self-refer to a counsellor by contacting a practice and asking to book a counselling appointment.
In Australia GPs often refer to psychologists under a Mental Health Care Plan. To receive a Medicare rebate under a Mental Health Care Plan, you will need to be referred to see a psychologist or a social worker, by your GP.
If you have questions, just ask the therapy practice for help.

How do I find the right counsellor in Perth for my needs?

Finding the right counsellor in Perth involves considerations such as qualifications, experience, therapeutic approach, and specialization. Look for a counsellor in Perth who is registered, has relevant qualifications, specialises in your area of concern, and demonstrates a therapeutic approach aligned with your preferences.

What types of counselling services are available in Perth?

In Perth, various types of counselling services are available to cater to diverse needs. These may include individual counselling, couples counselling, family counselling, child and adolescent counselling, trauma counselling, addiction counselling, and more.

How much does counselling in Perth typically cost?

The cost of counselling in Perth can vary depending on factors such as the therapist’s experience, location, and specialization. On average, counselling sessions in Perth may range from $80 to $180 per session. However, it’s best to contact individual therapists to inquire about their specific fees.

Are there any affordable or low-cost counselling options in Perth?

Yes, there are affordable or low-cost counselling options available in Perth. Community organizations, non-profit agencies, and universities often offer counselling services at reduced rates or on a sliding scale based on income. Reach out to these organisations or inquire with therapists about any available options.

Are counselling sessions in Perth available online or in-person?

Counselling sessions in Perth can be available both online through telehealth and in-person. In-person sessions provide face-to-face interaction, while online counselling offers the convenience of accessing therapy remotely via video conferencing platforms. Choose the format that suits your preferences and circumstances.

How can counselling in Perth help with specific issues like anxiety or relationship problems?

Counselling in Perth can help with specific issues like anxiety and relationship problems by providing a safe and supportive space to explore underlying causes, develop coping strategies, improve communication skills, gain insight, and work towards positive change.

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