Jealousy and Distrust

Jealousy and Distrust

Most people have experienced a feeling of jealously and distrust at some stage during their relationship. This can range from feelings of uneasiness and being uncomfortable right through to anger leading to arguments and resentment.

Common causes of jealous feelings in relationships

A common cause of jealously within relationships can occur when one or both partners are feeling insecure. Personal insecurities can be caused by low self-esteem and cause negative thinking patterns. If a person thinks poorly of themselves, they may start to question why their partner is with them and query their partner’s actions and behaviours.

jealousy trust relationshipMore and more often we are seeing the internet and social networking sites play a new role in causing feelings of jealousy within relationships. This new social medium is now providing the opportunity for individuals to communicate over the internet via live chat, blogging, photos and posting messages.

One Canadian study of University aged students entitled ‘More Information than You Ever Wanted: Does Facebook bring out the green-eyed monster of jealousy?’ has found a direct correlation between the amount of time spent investigating your partner on Facebook and an increase in feelings of jealousy leading to a negative influence on behaviour and relationships.

Common causes of feelings of distrust

Within a relationship, distrust is an expectation that a partner’s actions, intentions and motives will be are harmful to one’s own interests.

There are many causes that can lead to feelings of distrust within a relationship and will greatly vary depending on the couple. Some common causes of feelings of distrust are –

  • when one individual breaks promises to their partner
  • a partner being untruthful about what their actions have been or who they have been in contact with
  • a partner not behaving within the boundaries of the relationship
  • a relationship not having established clear boundaries

How couples can work to resolve feelings of jealousy

To better understand how jealousy is affecting your relationship and resolve these feelings, take some time to speak to your partner openly. Let them know that you love them and how you are feeling. Chances are your partner will offer reassurance and this discussion may provide you both with the opportunity to reaffirm your feelings towards each other and identify why you are together.

Take some time to focus on the reasons why your relationship is stable and satisfying for each of you. Respect yourself and recognise that you are someone that is worth loving and that your partner chose you for a very good reason!

For further information on jealousy and distrust or to find out more about couples relationship counselling or individual counselling services in Perth, please contact us.

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Published: 09/04/2014
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